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  • Beat the 4 travel stresses that are costing your business millions

Beat the 4 travel stresses that are costing your business millions

Global Operations Director

Time lost to travel costs $3 million per year if your company averages 5000 trips, according to travel consultants CWT. Smartphones and tablets can help keep people working on the road. But as any frequent flier or road warrior knows, the real damage is reduced productivity caused by stress and exhaustion.

Travel stress

These are the four things that send regular travellers’ blood pressure soaring:

1. Lost time – from uncomfortable long haul flights to lost baggage, anything that made working difficult or impossible topped the list of business travellers’ woes in CWT’s survey.

2. The same survey cited poor internet connection – or worse, no connection at all – when they arrived at their destination as a headache for three quarters of travellers.

3. Over-priced wi-fi – extortionate fees for logging on and using the hotel internet was the top gripe in a survey of  Asia's business travellers

4. Not having access to a full range of office tools was the main bugbear for 77% of business travellers in the UK

As global workers, we need to travel. My two top tips for reducing travel stress are:

  • Skip the short-haul flights: as Regus CEO Mark Dixon explained last year, they're a productivity nightmare.
  • Get Regus Businessworld, which gives access to a network of 1500 business lounges in 100 countries around the world. It means you're never far from a comfy seat, fast wi-fi and a printer. Download the Regus App, and you'll have a quick way of finding your nearest lounge.

What about you? What's the number one cause of stress when you and your team travel? And what do you do to beat it?