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  • Five apps no start up should be without

Five apps no start up should be without

If you’re starting a business, there are some functions you just can’t afford to be without. You need a social media presence, to help people find out about you, talk to you, rate you and tell other people, for that you need something like HootSuite.

Apps no business should be without

Given that you’re almost certainly involving a website, then you’re going to need some SEO to make sure people can find you, so iSEO and LinkJuice will help you to do that. Then you’ll need an IT department when you’re on the road, and LogMeIn can help you take your desktop and your documents with you so you’re never duplicating any effort and can access them securely from your iPhone or iPad (but then so can Google which is what this blog was created with, and it can help you organise yourself and store everything on the cloud too).

You’re going to need people to be able to pay you, which means Square could come in handy if you’re in the US, Canada or Japan, and Intuit in the UK. You’re going to need to organise yourself and your time, which is where Evernote can prove its worth. RedLaser will help you save money on everything you buy – or help you convince your customers that you’re already giving them the best value they could ever get, anywhere.

And finally, you’re going to need a way to organise all your passwords for all your apps and all your documents where no one else can get their hands on it – which is where 1Password can come into its own. (Although it isn’t free, it could still save you a lot of time and money…)