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A business address in the right place and a local contact number answered in your company name can make all the difference in business.

Our professional teams will manage your calls and handle your mail. You get a choice of prestigious addresses for your business and use of all Regus Business Centres worldwide.

You can also use a private office at the business centre of your choice.

Choose the best product for you, in any of our 3,000 global locations:

Virtual Office Plus

5 days private office usage + internet, free access to 3,000 business lounges and cafes, Business address, Telephone answering, Mailbox Plus

Virtual Office

Free access to 3,000 business lounges and cafes, Business address, Telephone answering, Mailbox Plus

Telephone answering service

Dedicated local business number, Receptionist, 24hr voicemail access, Discounts on day office, meeting rooms & video conferencing 

Mail Handling & Mailbox Rental

Business address, Mail and packages received and signed for, Receptionist, Discounts on day office, meeting rooms & video conferencing

Whether you're expanding into new markets and need a new place to work or just need someone to answer your phone and handle your mail, a Regus Virtual Office and Virtual Assistant is for you.

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Regus Virtual Office - Create a reputable corporate identity, instantly

How you present a business is just as important as what your business represents and sells. Our Virtual Office services let you focus on building your business by taking care of the time consuming but all important details involved in running an office. Our dedicated team of highly experienced staff will assist you in building the right corporate image by instantly creating fully functional mail addresses. We help you in creating your very own Virtual Office Space that will reduce the expenses involved in set up and running of a physical office.
Advantages of a Regus Virtual Office:

  • Instant offices with all the functions of a traditional office at a fraction of the cost.
  • Prestigious business addresses in all major Australian cities
  • Trained virtual assistants for all administrative duties such as telephone answering and Mail Handling

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